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FeCrAl or Nickel Chromium alloys form heating element (up to 1400°c) improve efficiency for all types of furnace heating needs.

Design Types:

  • Wire- Spiral coil/Corrugated

  • Strip- coiled/Corrugated/Folded Single

  • Multi Shanks with ceramic support system



Radiant Heater (up to 1300°c)

designed and used in many heat treatment fields and melting processes. 


  • Easy and low maintenance

  • Long service life

  • Horizontally or vertically installation

  • Service temperature up to 1300°C

Radiant Heater.jpg


Heating module (up to 1300°c)

Prefabricated heating modules are designed to suit a wide range of process heating applications at element temperatures up to 1300°C.

The spiral heating coils are held in place either fully embedded, semi embedded or open in a high quality non electric conductive ceramic.

Applications and Advantages

  • Heat treatment furnaces for semiconductor industry

  • Processing furnaces for electronic components

  • Ovens for decorative ceramics artwork

  • Conversion of existing furnaces

  • Superior element support

  • Durable

  • Custom designed module for small furnaces or large industrial kilns

Cast Refra2.JPG


SiC heater used at temperature up to a maximum of 1600 °C.

SiC heater performs well in both continuous and intermittent operations and are highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion.  SiC heater element do not sag throughout their temperature range and are easy to install.


  • DB (Dumbbell)

  • ED (ROD) U-Type & W-Type

  • SG (spiral) & SGR (spiral)

Silicon Carbide Heaters.jpg


MoSi2 heaters has the ability to withstand oxidation while operating at element temperatures up to 1850°C

Common Molybdenum Silicide heater type

  • 2 shank-U shape

  • 4-shank-W shape

  • Multi-shank

  • Spiral

  • Bend

Element size

  • 3/6

  • 6/12

  • 9/18

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